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Welcome on the Stanislavstur travel agency webpage, which offers to all types of travelers a wide range of services on their trip to the Czech Republic. Book your accommodation in Prague or in other city in the Czech Republic, sightseeing tour or any of our special offers of program for your stay (culture, sport, adrenaline, business, beer, wine, hunting and a lot more other events). Groups, families, business and individual travelers are welcomed to Czech Republic with Stanislavstur. Make your reservation even today, so that you don’t miss your greatest time in the Czech Republic!!
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Medieval tavern Dětenice

Do you like medieval times or you don’t know anything about them and want to change it? If yes then come with us to medieval tavern Dětenice! Prepare yourself for shocking surroundings with somewhat harsh medieval Czech language and unforgettable experience.

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Let`s join us on a trip to a Moravian wine cellar

We would like to invite you to a cosy wine cellar in a wine area of Hustopece. All wines you can taste here are grown up on private vineyards and produced by a prescription of our grandfathers (with no use of modern chemistry or technology). You will taste all kind of wines during a tasting ceremony with a professional wine guide in a space of real wine cellar with octaves.

Price for the package for one person: from 1.100CZK/45EUR

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Sport trainings and camps

We offer your sport team/trainee a great organization of any type of a sport camp. We know the great location and surroundings for your exact type of activity/sport (ice hockey, football, bicycling, motor sports etc.) that offers all what you need for a perfect preparation of your trainees. Let us take care of finding the place, accommodation and everything you will need for the best camp and what would waste your time!

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Business trip with Stanislavstur

If you are traveling to the Czech Republic for business reasons, you need to contact us. We offer you complete service for your meeting with your business partners, to organize a conference, training, business party or teambuilning event for your business partners or employees. From accommodation to special needs of your trip - we are ready to help with your planning.

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Come and hunt with us pheasants, wild board or big game. We will take care of the whole program and will provide you with the perfect service so that you can fully enjoy the hunt. To see the video from hunting click on more...

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Adrenalin automobile day in Tatra polygon area 

Experience the power and sound of engines of the traditional Czech cars Tatra. We offer you a one day program with possibility to be a coodriver in the fastest Czech racing car Tatra Eccorra V8 or in a historical – racing car TatraT2-603 B5. To see the video from the event click on more...

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Your own ice hockey match against legends of Czechoslovak ice hockey

Stanislavstur offers a unique possibility to play your own match against the legends of Czechoslovak ice hockey of the 20th century (Olympic winners, world champions, winners of NHL or national European leagues).

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